Quickly growing industries in the US


usa new business Quickly growing industries in the US

As the world we live in constantly develops and changes, some industries are emerging as more essential to the current consumer market. Here are a few industries that seem to be on the rise.
Electronics - The demand for electronics is constantly increasing as more people rely on smart phones and computers to navigate through their lives. Entire corporations rely on functioning technology and so the market for creating and developing electronic hardware and software will always be big. There is a real shortage in people with the brains to develop software and there is a lot of money in making the next big advancement in technology.
Translation and interpretation - As business becomes more international and more people are travelling and living abroad, the need for translators and multi-lingual minds is on the rise. Over the next five years, there is a predicted 28% increase in jobs in the US in this particular field. The highest language in demand in the US is Spanish.
Internet publishing and broadcasting - almost everybody in the developed world relies on the internet in one way or another, and the need for content for business and entertainment will only increase as the number of people using the internet increases and the amount of time spent on the internet also rises.
Health - the health industry seems to growing in size across all sectors, including the nurses who take care of retired people, the offices associated with health services, home health care services, psychiatric care and support, even ambulance drivers, as well as the demand for doctors and nurses in hospitals.
Financial investment - there has been a positive trend in the amount of financial investment activity occurring. This means there are more jobs and opportunities in the stock market as well as associated businesses, for example, financial advisors.
Marketing consulting - it seems we need more experts in the field of marketing as businesses strive to make an image for themselves and to advertise effectively. This industry has a predicted 20% increase over the next five years.
Environment, conservation and wildlife - businesses have seen a trend in ethical investment over the last few years and the demand for ESG consideration has increased. As a result, there is also more demand for people who work with the environment and more jobs in conservation and protection. In the last decade there has also been an increasing trend in people studying subjects such as Environmental Economics and Environmental Sciences as the consumer market becomes more aware of some of the threats to the ecosystems we rely on to survive. There is a predicted 19% increase over the next five years in this industry.
A few industries are seeing a decline in growth, mostly the manufacturing of glass and metals and therefore metal ore mining also, pesticide, fertiliser and agricultural chemical manufacturing, US computer manufacturing as, despite growing demands, more companies move to Asia for cheaper labour and quicker technology advancements, the postal service and the manufacturing of communication in the US, as this can also be made for cheaper abroad.


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